The First Platform to Index the World’s Opinion in Video

In video, people share information in their own way. This valuable but unstructured data appears in spurts and between interruptions. With machine cognition, important moments are separated and indexed for AI-powered processing.

How It Works

Technology to Look Inside Videos

With spot framing and indexing at scale, meaningful data from videos is isolated and extracted from long-form content. These snippets are then indexed and processed, with cognitive AI to understand why people think, feel, and act the way they do.

VOISE interprets the rich, meaningful data that people have shared in video with AI powered processing.

  • Natural Language Processing Engine The Youplus Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine understands sentiment and implied derivatives.
  • Visual Intelligence Computer vision and object detection to understand emphatics, emotions, and environments.
  • Mental Models Mental models of consumers dive deep into state of mind to understand “How” people express themselves.

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VISION is a neural network machine-learning product that interprets and delivers consumer insights.

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Simple to embed on any web page, VIEW streams targeted, valuable 15-30 second video clips created by real people to any website.

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