May 3, 2019

India Speaks: Modi vs The Rest

The Indian elections heat is on! If you live in India or are an NRI, it is difficult not to get caught in the quagmire of the election debate.  With a mind-boggling 900 million voters (three times the population of the USA), India is the world’s biggest democracy with a staggering 15 million new voters added this year. Did you know that a million polling stations are being set up for the 2019 elections? That number is double the population of Maldives!

At Youplus, the Indian elections could not escape our interest either. We wanted to present to the world the insights derived on pure, unadulterated facts and we deep dived into the world of videos using our opinion AI platform – VOISE, to do just that.


Modus Operandi

There are two sources from where information was extracted. One, videos posted on the web, that are crowdsourced from open sources like YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, etc. The second, from our large, interactive panel base using the proprietary opinion sourcing application, MIC where video opinions on varied topics are solicited and uploaded by subscribers. MIC allows registered users to provide video opinions on a variety of topics. Further, our AI-powered platform VOISE extracts and understands people’s opinions from the videos thus collected. VOISE uses computer vision, voice modulation, and NLP to separate relevant sections of opinions from the videos into single-topic short-form video opinions. Our cognitive AI engine then interprets and indexes the rich, meaningful opinions people have shared in video.


The Playing Field

So, here is what we did for the Indian elections, 2019. NW18 Firstpost carried the Youplus political page.

We took the two big players – BJP leader and current Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, and President of Indian National Congress, Mr. Rahul Gandhi and compared the sentiments towards both of them in 8 key states of India viz., Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Telangana, West Bengal, Delhi, and Tamil Nadu.

The Youplus proprietary True Feel Score (TFS) measures the true sentiments of people towards an attribute. Sentiments are measured on a scale of 0-10 where closest proximity is 10 and farthest is 0. Higher the score, higher the depth of sentiment.

The results indicated that the TFS was more favorable for Mr. Modi in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Telangana, U.P, Delhi, and West Bengal, while Mr. Gandhi had a higher score in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. In T.N though, Mr. Modi was leading in March but the results for April were more favorable for Mr. Gandhi.




We further did an age-wise sentiment analysis and found that the sentiments were higher across all age groups for Mr. Modi.




In the gender-wise analysis too, it was found that Mr. Modi was the preferred choice across both the genders.




Education-wise categorization across the different levels of education saw Mr. Modi leading in sentiments as well as the True Feel Score (TFS).  NW18 Firstpost carried the Youplus political page. 







The Verdict

The overall analysis is that Mr. Modi has a 7.5 TFS while Mr. Gandhi is trailing at 3.9. An overwhelming 78% of people favored Mr. Modi versus 13% for Mr. Gandhi and a modest 2% for Mr. Kejriwal.



We would like to reiterate that the insights provided have not been altered in any way and we are merely presenting the same on the basis of information collated through the sources mentioned above. There is no element of human bias as well, as the results have been derived using artificial intelligence platforms, free of any form of human interference.

May the best man win!


Youplus Political Page published on NW18 Firstpost. 

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