February 9, 2019

The Next Big Step in AI: Video Opinion Search

It isn’t your imagination: video is everywhere. The internet has practically become a stream of videos from one website to the next. That’s because video has become the most consumed content on the internet, comprising 74% of traffic today. People conduct over 5 billion searches in Youtube alone on a daily basis, and watch time of video online is now in the billions of hours.

This emerging “video web” contains the rich consumer data that people have shared as opinions. Hundreds of millions of people are talking about different products and brands, sharing their ideas and thoughts, expressing emotions, and voicing their opinions in video. The question is: how do you access and analyze all of this consumer data at scale?

Introducing VOISE: The World’s First Video Opinion Search Engine

At Youplus, we are building the technology to identify and look inside videos and extract opinions at an unprecedented scale. Similar to how the internet is indexed based on keywords, we are indexing the video web based on opinions.

Using visual intelligence with computer vision, voice modulation of audio, and NLP on text, VOISE interprets the rich, meaningful data that people have shared in video. Further, with AI-powered processing, we create mental models of consumers to understand WHY people think, feel, and act the way they do.

With a deep understanding of the video web, we are fundamentally changing the way the world searches and uses video. Our products, built on this first-of-its-kind platform, aim to transform research by providing efficient video search capabilities; enhancing consumer understanding; delivering targeted video strips to any page; and more.

How does it work?  Video opinion search, explained — in video: