January 22, 2019

How AI and Video Are Changing the World of Digital Marketing

The world of marketing is a game of inches. Whether you’re running a campaign for a billion dollar company or a small business, the difference between a roaring success and a total flop often comes down to the most minute of details. With such a competitive and changing field, it’s no surprise that marketing professionals are always seeking the latest and greatest innovation in the field. Knowing what’s coming and adopting it before your competitors do gives you the advantage you need to take your digital marketing campaign to the next level.

While a well-rounded digital marketing campaign is important, there are two key elements that are seeing increased prominence due to their effectiveness with finding and converting potential customers: artificial intelligence and video marketing. By understanding the value these technologies bring to your marketing plan, you can effectively integrate them into your strategy and watch the positive results roll in.

AI’s Impact on Digital Marketing

Many people hear about AI and immediately think of science fiction. The reality is that AI is no longer some distant concept that will one day change the way we live on a daily basis, because it is already here.  Even the most technologically illiterate among us almost certainly have had their routine habits affected by the development of AI without even realizing it. AI is now  a key part of digital marketing, and it’s essential to understand both how to use it yourself as well as how other companies are already using it in ways that matter to your campaign:

  • Search Engine Optimization: Perhaps no segment of marketing has seen more revolutionary change from AI than SEO. While use of keywords is helpful to your cause, much of the top search engine algorithms rely on AIs to make use of information like bounce rate and time on page to find the most interesting and useful sites and promote them to the top of listings.
  • Programmatic Ad Bidding: Many online advertising markets make use of the bidding system to place ads. AIs can take information from prior campaigns and use it to find the ideal spending amounts for precise bidding.
  • Maximizing Return on Investment: Finding stronger links between customers and a product they’re likely to want makes advertising more efficient, getting you more views for less expense.

The Importance of Video for Digital Marketing

If you are not utilizing video in your digital marketing, you’re missing out on customers every day. From pre-video ads to social media to hosted video content, video marketing is no longer an option; it’s a necessity. Video offers an easy and engaging way for customers to consume your products and decide if they’re a good fit. 

  • Converting More Visitors: Video is the most effective way to keep customers engaged with your content. It has been shown to improve conversion rates by 80% when used on your landing page.
  • Personal Relationships With Your Customer: It’s human nature to be more receptive when you feel a personal connection, and video allows you to easily put a human face on your company.
  • Better Video Ranking: As search engines incorporate the advanced analytics of AIs into their algorithms more and more, videos that hold your viewers’ attention ranking higher.
  • Mobile Viewing on the Rise: The percentage of web traffic done on mobile phones has increased from 31.16% in q1 of 2015 to 52.4% in Q3 of 2018Video is highly effective on mobile, making it a useful tool for engaging over half of the browsers.

Using AI To Get the Most From Video Marketing

Now that you understand the importance of both video and AI in your digital marketing campaign, it’s natural to wonder how the two intersect. As with text-based advertising, AI has proven handy for use in video marketing campaigns:

  • Targeting Your Audience: When placing ads that cost you per impression, it’s important to get the most from each look. AIs have the ability to dig through the data of prior viewers and conversions to shape your future targets, helping you find potential customers who resemble previous customers.
  • Generating Recommendations: Anyone who has browsed YouTube knows the sidebar full of recommended videos. As AIs grow more intelligent, the curation of recommendations on YouTube and other sites improves, helping your idea end up in front of people who are more likely to be interested.
  • Searching by Video: Video now makes up 74% of online content traffic, and while old search methods could pull from the texts attached to video, new AIs like YouPlus’ Video Opinion Search Engine (VOISE) create the ability to pull context from the images and sounds of the video itself, revolutionizing the ability to search with video content.

Incorporating video content and artificial intelligence is the future of digital marketing. When you set out to produce your next marketing campaign, don’t leave them on the side as something to think about in the future. Every day spent not taking advantage of AI and video is a day you give your competition an edge over you. Make the leap into AI and video for your digital marketing efforts today.