The World is Speaking

Understand the World's Voice in Video

The World is Searching

In the past, the world searched for words. Today, we search for video.

The internet has evolved beyond text. But this rich source of information has been immeasurable until now.


of internet traffic is video content

1.2 M

words equates to one minute of video

5 B

video searches a day

Measure the World’s Voice in Video

With AI-powered technology, we isolate and measure human emotion captured in video.

People express themselves differently in video: their thoughts, feelings, ideas, and emotions. We crowdsource wisdom to unlock, reveal, and interpret what people share in video to understand what matters all over the world.

Our platform and products are the first of their kind: looking inside videos to extract opinions and insights at an unprecedented scale; transforming research by providing efficient video search capabilities; delivering targeted videos to any page; and more.

Introducing VOISE

The World's First Video Opinion Search Engine